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Iron Rooster

Have you ever been dumb enough to do what you wanted to do, without good reason coming over you? 

That liner in Foo Fighter's Iron Rooster hits me hard. Like a dumb child that under estimate the heavy stone, too heavy to held up, too proud to admit and it stomped on her feet.

That's perfectly describe my liking in writing. My mind bursts with inspiration yet I'm too messy to pen it down. 
 I adore the beautiful poems that Shakespeare wrote till every songs Linkin Park sang. I mean how bad can you write when you were put to learn to write? That's what majority would have thought of but the truth, I'm really bad.Being Journalism major gave me a good camouflage. My grammars is running amok (I have to admit, my grammar was never 10/10 but I could still manage a 6 during my peak) but my vocabularies also running low too. Yet, I'm too proud to fix it, too lazy to run and read through every lines before hitting the send button, too thick face to appreciate and remember every single lines that my line manager secretly shared with me on Hangout....

To write beautifully; that's the idea that push me to pursuit journalism even later day when I started my career, I do try to stick my nose in every opportunity to write yet I have never improved.

Writing has been something that I wanted to do all my life but having just the mere admiration served enough as a solid reason? Not enough. Kick that ego go and pick up from scratch, that is what I should do now. 


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Ass Back Home

I don’t care what you’re after, 
As long as I’m the one, no I don’t care why you’re leaving, 
You’ll miss me when you’re gone.

New Hobby

I decide to presuit my desire,
Since tonight I was so inspire.
Sometime creative kicks,
Simply can't stop your finger clicks.

My mind flows with sweet,
I shall hum with this beat.
It is always easier to rhythm with emotion,
Happiness shall plot today's direction.

I gain myself a new hobby,
Now at night I sleep like a lullaby.
Yoga comes into my life journey,
Successful purify my mind entirely!

Being in an events company,
Works has been like a busy bee.
As workload could have been continuously,
Yet yoga leads me to sweet escape.

There is time I would hit the nails,
However i do not see it a big deal.
Yoga practice tunes my feel,
As if I was born with a new soul!

Because it simply makes me feel great,
My body too begins to hit straight.
Tell me how not be in liking?
This new hobby simply the king.

Monday Blue is Tomorrow

Rather humid day today,
Sunshine bright up all the way. I sip on some sour dairy, May it chills a little my misery.
The wind blows slow, Cloud refuse to grow. I wish time is like the wind blow, Slowly tick accordingly the flow.
Despite weather gives a mellow, Even sing by lovely tune of sparrow. But my heart sunk with sorrow, Monday blue is tomorrow.