Sunday, 17 November 2013

Monday Blue is Tomorrow

Rather humid day today,
Sunshine bright up all the way.
I sip on some sour dairy,
May it chills a little my misery.

The wind blows slow,
Cloud refuse to grow.
I wish time is like the wind blow,
Slowly tick accordingly the flow.

Despite weather gives a mellow,
Even sing by lovely tune of sparrow.
But my heart sunk with sorrow,
Monday blue is tomorrow.

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Night Thinking

There is zero movement in the room,
Only the air condition blows autumn.
My mind gushing bubble form,
Although my eyes lid closing soon.

There is dirty laundry over one corner,
Too full to spill any sooner.
I recall the morning coversation louder,
As it driven me to think further.

Books and bags spread around ground,
It takes skill to freely walk around.
I could hear my heart hound,
This ain't such simple as it sound.

Hairs drop spread over table top,
Waving for me to pick up.
Is this a chance of fruitful crop?
To tame my wild horse hope?

Dirts are visible by the pink bed,
Signs of cleaning in need.
I suppose no harm to give it a try indeed,
Not that I'm too bold to meet my dead.

Tuesday, 2 October 2012


They said moon like a shy ent eater,
Her beauty covered layer by layer.
It takes patient for her appears,
Can't denie her shine a breath taker.

They said moon loves number,
Dislike grammar especially singular.
Fifteen is her numeric favour,
Without 's' she simply disappear.

They said moon is a loner,
Stars are never her companier,
Human create a festival to cheer her dear,
Lighten up the lantern to bring her near.

Happy belated mooncake festival...

Friday, 28 September 2012

New Hobby

I decide to presuit my desire,
Since tonight I was so inspire.
Sometime creative kicks,
Simply can't stop your finger clicks.

My mind flows with sweet,
I shall hum with this beat.
It is always easier to rhythm with emotion,
Happiness shall plot today's direction.

I gain myself a new hobby,
Now at night I sleep like a lullaby.
Yoga comes into my life journey,
Successful purify my mind entirely!

Being in an events company,
Works has been like a busy bee.
As workload could have been continuously,
Yet yoga leads me to sweet escape.

There is time I would hit the nails,
However i do not see it a big deal.
Yoga practice tunes my feel,
As if I was born with a new soul!

Because it simply makes me feel great,
My body too begins to hit straight.
Tell me how not be in liking?
This new hobby simply the king.

Recent life

I've been very lazy in poem,
However today I'm good to bloom.
Simply Mindy Gladhill inspired,
Leads me get out from retired.
Shall I update my recent life?
Couldn't be best describe then fine.
Kick bed out from nine,
Sharp noon out for dine.
Would have simple like a line,
But it is a new beauty I realise.

Friday, 3 February 2012

Ass Back Home

I don’t care what you’re after, 
As long as I’m the one, no
I don’t care why you’re leaving, 
You’ll miss me when you’re gone.

Thursday, 22 December 2011

The One That Got Away

Never a song that has pierce me this much. Every words, every line of lyrics, it leads me to someone that once I see it, as an apple of my eyes. Our friendship, it may goes complicated but it wasn't appears without sign. It is forbidden from the beginning itself. There is too many mistakes, too many barriers, too many sorry spoken. Still, I'm glad and couldn't ask more that I met you in this life. 

"In another life, I will be your girl, we keep all the promises, be us against the world. In another life, I will make you stay, so I don't have to say your were the one that got away, the one that got away,"

Good bye, I will miss you dearly.

Saturday, 17 December 2011

Hopefully I Wasn't Too Late.

I seating alone by the window,
Pet by the moon light shadow.
My eyes has never been that swollen,
I have reach the point of fallen.         
Desperately seeking comfort,
But there isn’t any suitable port.
If only I could meet your clone,
I wouldn’t have faced it alone.

I could still hear your whisper,
It has never gone my dear.
I still feel your touch,
Not supposed to miss you much.
The only way for us to unite,
Cut that selfishness with knife.
Yet here I’m standing still,
Mourn over the past that kill.

Millions thought racing in mind,
Chasing cars in my head.
Poor heart took the struggle,
Misery drop by giggle.
I begged for energy to run,
Start the journey of seeking fun.
Remove all the sins I worn,
Push for a new me to born.

You said nothing is impossible,
So stop making yourself terrible.
Forgive me being such ignorance,
Thank you for being tolerance.
There isn’t any time to waste,
Gear up for the challenge face.
Soon I will be all awake,
Hopefully I wasn’t too late.

Friday, 16 December 2011

Gasture Love

Whenever you frustrated,
I'll have your eyes concentrated.

Whenever you tugged,
I'll have your ears hugged.

Whenever you pissed,
I'll have your mouth kissed.

Whenever you hushed,
I'll have your nose brushed.

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Numeric path

It takes one to die, second to grow.
It takes third to depart, forth to meet.
It takes fifth to reject, sixth to accept.
It takes seventh to endure, eighth to celebrate.
It takes ninth to begin but zero to end.


The air-condition blows autumn,
The ceiling fan turbo gust,
The four going sunken walls,
The rock alike single bed,
The night, I was gloom.

The yelling child next door,
The fixing sounds up floor,
The leaking rotten sink drops,
The angry horn busy streets,
The morning, I was gloom.

The office work table mess,
The frustrating hit on keypad,
The age’s long brain-storming,
The blank stare digital screen,
The afternoon, I was gloom.

The moody sky fall apart,
The angry thunders loudly howl,
The running man around alley,
The lazy steps as I march,
The evening, I was gloom.

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

A Story of Mine

Dear all,

15 November 2010 was a memorable day to be,
There is these little girl begin its new journey.
As excitement and nervous tangled around her veins,
She makes her way to face her destiny.
CIS network that’s the place it called,
A place deep she knows she would learn and grow.
With that I hope I was given the most welcome,
Everyone in the house is my family now.

Today was her first official intro,
She cracks her head thinking how to start.
Since Journalism that is her major,
Therefore it is best to start with a little creative touch.

Greetings everyone my name is Melissa,
I am the newest members and perhaps the youngest too.
I used to study in TAR College,
But later on I earn my degree in Liverpool.

Born in January 4 1988,
I’m the eldest among my four siblings.
Kampar is my very own hometown,
But Shah Alam is the place I settle down.
Many might have wondering,
Was this journalist to-be has fall wrong place?
For that question I may reply,
Beneath the skin I know this is the place of mine.

I wrote that over 1 year and 15 days ago and that's the day I'm employed.

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

I'm back!!

I opened an empty page,
while my brain stand at edge.
Shove myself a challenge,
see my head how far it could take.

Start off by blasting iTunes,
flows my ear drums with moisture.
My fingers warm up slightly late,
it clicks most backspace and delete.

Play a little with the music beat,
hopes to give my pulse a little heat.
Sing along with the latest hit,
may it inspire my thought a little bit.

I'm like a pen ran out of ink,
poor brain suffer to squeeze a wink.
Little by little my wills grow weak,
decide for an end before the peak.

Crap, this is bad... :-/

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Come back, My Friends.

I dedicate these emotion words,
For a friends to have lose his closest roots.
As now he is in the lowest mood,
May him find the light walking back the road.

The feeling of accepting a sudden departs,
Is like a dead knot that could break into parts.
You do pray it is just a bitter joke,
Reality tells it is a taboo that couldn't be provoke.

Curse you may for the hash life ground!
Cry as loud if that will cure your wound!
But when you done, come back my friends,
Because the journey needs you till the ends.

Friday, 29 July 2011

If I Die Young

I have this sudden thought, what would have happen if I die young?
Have everything would turn into ashes?
Would that be any slight changes in the wide round world?
Will anybody would grief on my absent?
and there is many many questions running in my head...
But no worries, I guess hard life like me would have a very long life.
Simply couldn't help myself to question a little, as I listen to this song by The Band Perry.
It might be a rather sadden song, but love the way the lyrics driven.
Such beautiful song yet emotion touched.