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Monday Blue is Tomorrow

Rather humid day today,
Sunshine bright up all the way.
I sip on some sour dairy,
May it chills a little my misery.

The wind blows slow,
Cloud refuse to grow.
I wish time is like the wind blow,
Slowly tick accordingly the flow.

Despite weather gives a mellow,
Even sing by lovely tune of sparrow.
But my heart sunk with sorrow,
Monday blue is tomorrow.


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New Hobby

I decide to presuit my desire,
Since tonight I was so inspire.
Sometime creative kicks,
Simply can't stop your finger clicks.

My mind flows with sweet,
I shall hum with this beat.
It is always easier to rhythm with emotion,
Happiness shall plot today's direction.

I gain myself a new hobby,
Now at night I sleep like a lullaby.
Yoga comes into my life journey,
Successful purify my mind entirely!

Being in an events company,
Works has been like a busy bee.
As workload could have been continuously,
Yet yoga leads me to sweet escape.

There is time I would hit the nails,
However i do not see it a big deal.
Yoga practice tunes my feel,
As if I was born with a new soul!

Because it simply makes me feel great,
My body too begins to hit straight.
Tell me how not be in liking?
This new hobby simply the king.


They said moon like a shy ent eater,
Her beauty covered layer by layer.
It takes patient for her appears,
Can't denie her shine a breath taker.

They said moon loves number,
Dislike grammar especially singular.
Fifteen is her numeric favour,
Without 's' she simply disappear.

They said moon is a loner,
Stars are never her companier,
Human create a festival to cheer her dear,
Lighten up the lantern to bring her near.

Happy belated mooncake festival...