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Monday Blue is Tomorrow

Rather humid day today,
Sunshine bright up all the way.
I sip on some sour dairy,
May it chills a little my misery.

The wind blows slow,
Cloud refuse to grow.
I wish time is like the wind blow,
Slowly tick accordingly the flow.

Despite weather gives a mellow,
Even sing by lovely tune of sparrow.
But my heart sunk with sorrow,
Monday blue is tomorrow.


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Ass Back Home

I don’t care what you’re after, 
As long as I’m the one, no I don’t care why you’re leaving, 
You’ll miss me when you’re gone.

New Hobby

I decide to presuit my desire,
Since tonight I was so inspire.
Sometime creative kicks,
Simply can't stop your finger clicks.

My mind flows with sweet,
I shall hum with this beat.
It is always easier to rhythm with emotion,
Happiness shall plot today's direction.

I gain myself a new hobby,
Now at night I sleep like a lullaby.
Yoga comes into my life journey,
Successful purify my mind entirely!

Being in an events company,
Works has been like a busy bee.
As workload could have been continuously,
Yet yoga leads me to sweet escape.

There is time I would hit the nails,
However i do not see it a big deal.
Yoga practice tunes my feel,
As if I was born with a new soul!

Because it simply makes me feel great,
My body too begins to hit straight.
Tell me how not be in liking?
This new hobby simply the king.